Bringing Forever In Your Heart to life through art

We’ve reached a huge milestone in the creation of Forever In Your Heart today – the illustrations are complete!

I say ‘complete’ specifically because I once had a grade school teacher that sternly corrected the class one day that “Never say you are done with something. Done is what you say about your Thanksgiving turkey. You complete or finish accomplishments.”

I don’t know if Emily Post or the Associated Press would agree with her, but I’ve remembered it all these years just the same.

But I digress.

Publishing a book was never something I’d be able to say I accomplished ever in my life, let alone witnessing the process of creating the art that would bring it to life. So yeah, this is a big day.

Let me introduce you to the amazing illustrator who has graciously lent her time and talent to this book.

Meet Amara Venayas Rodriguez

Amara lives in Spain with two wonderful dogs and two cats, all adopted.

When she’s not guiding the creative process for children’s books, Amara is guiding the education of children through her 15-year career as a teacher. It is her passion, along with illustrating and animals. And a little sneak peek, she just might combine those last two in Forever In Your Heart.

Amara says, ” What I like most about children’s illustration is being able to give life to the ideas of the authors and that the children enjoy the story.”

We are both beyond excited to show you how she’s brought Forever In Your Heart to life for any child who finds comfort in its pages.


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