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About Forever In Your Heart

Grief is a human experience that connects us all. It’s unfortunate and heartbreaking, but it is one of life’s inevitables. Which means at some point, we will all feel it and we’ll feel for others who are going through it.

After losing my mother at the age of 19, I had a lot of time to process my grief and my life without her. But when I became a mother myself, a new unchartered sea of grief lay before me. 

I struggled to find a way to explain to my three young sons why they could never meet their grandma, who would have loved them so very much. 

Forever In Your Heart is the love letter I think she would have written them. And by writing it, I also healed a little piece of me still grieving her loss decades later. 

My hope is that this book can do a little bit of the same for whoever reads it. I hope it helps the little ones in your life make sense of the heavy burden of grief. I hope it helps them understand that those who we have lost are always with us, forever in our hearts. 

Whether your loss was recent or years ago, I hope that it helps you feel the same. 

May Forever In Your Heart open conversations with the children in your life, and help you tell them the final chapter in your loved one’s legacy.

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