Forever In Your Heart released for pre-order!

A children’s book on grief ABOUT THE BOOK Forever In Your Heart is a story of love and comfort after loss. Written for both children and adults who have lost a loved one, it reminds us that despite our grief, our loved one will remain with us forever through the love they’ve left in our…

Bringing Forever In Your Heart to life through art

We’ve reached a huge milestone in the creation of Forever In Your Heart today – the illustrations are complete! I say ‘complete’ specifically because I once had a grade school teacher that sternly corrected the class one day that “Never say you are done with something. Done is what you say about your Thanksgiving turkey….

What’s your book about?

I hope it helps the little ones in your life make sense of the heavy burden of grief. I hope it helps them understand that those who we have lost are always with us, forever in our hearts

The Carousel

Tonight I was reminded that our lives are filled with exciting ups and difficult downs. Some people will sot by your side through it all, some will steal your favorite seat. But despite it all, as much as we may want to freeze time or roll it backward, life just keeps moving us forward. Hope…

To the moonlight writers

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.“ -Allen Ginsberg(aka, my favorite) #wellnesswednesday

Spilling beans. Letting cats out of bags.

I’ve been sitting on a little not-so-well-kept secret for the past couple of months. Figured it’d be fun to kick off the new year by sharing a little news. With the help of the incredibly kind people at Orange Hat Publishing, I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be publishing my first children’s book, “Forever In Your…